Message from The Head of Education

All Midlothian Council Schools, Nurseries and Special Educational Provisions will re-open to pupils and staff tomorrow.

Hawthorn Children’s Centre will be open to staff only tomorrow and will re-open to service users on Tuesday.

For schools and Nurseries, hot lunches will also be provided and the immediate paths to schools have been cleared of snow.  Please continue to check the Midlothian Council website and Radio Forth for any further updates.

Please ensure that pupils have warm winter clothing on, with high visibility if possible, and appropriate shoes with grips.  Given the winter weather,, on arrival to school,  pupils should report straight into the school building  rather than remaining in playgrounds. There is still snow in playground areas  and  therefore Head Teachers will provide pupils with instructions to ensure pupils are behaving in a safe and responsible manner.

For any pupils who have individualised travel arrangements, individual transport providers will make contact with you should normal travel arrangements need to be amended.

All educational excursions are cancelled until Wednesday  7 March when the status of this decision  will be reviewed by the Head of Education.

Thank you to everyone, including parents, residents  and volunteers who have all worked together to help open our schools. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school tomorrow.