Children’s University

Children's UnversityWe are proud to be affiliated with the Children’s University, an organisation that recognises the efforts made by children in their learning outwith school.

Young people can sign up for a passport, record their learning activities and log these onto the Children’s University website.  Once they have accrued a set number of hours, they will be invited to a “graduation” and receive a certificate.

Many of our young people have already earned hundreds of hours of
extra-curricular learning in order to graduate with our partner university, Queen Margaret University.  We are looking forward to celebrating many more graduations in the future.

Which activities count?
Lots of different clubs and activities count towards hours at the Children’s University.  Active Schools clubs and our basketball and netball teams can be found if you search for clubs in our area on the website.  Football teams, Rainbows, Brownies, many dance and gymnastics clubs are registered too.  Even the craft clubs run by the library and Primary Play!  You just need to search for the club you attend.  If they are not listed, please let us know and we will ask to see if they can be registered.

The Children’s University itself also runs one-off events.  Keep a look our for posters on the noticeboard, website and twitter.

How can I join?
If you would like to join the Children’s University, please speak to Ms Kersch.

I have lost my passport
If you have lost your passport you can download and print off replacement passport pages.  Unfortunately we cannot issue replacement passports at this time.  Remember, the passport is to help you keep track of your activities.  It is more important to log them on the website.  That is what counts!

What do I do if I’m stuck?
Our Children’s University Ambassadors hold monthly lunchtime sessions to help anyone who is finding it difficult to log their hours online.  Please look out for news of the next session on the Children’s University noticeboard.