Homework Ideas and Websites

Looking for extra homework? Trying to remember that fantastic website you use in school? You have come to the right place. Look below for links to websites or homework ideas. If there is something you think we should add – let your teacher know and we will put it on.


Sumdog – Practise your Maths skills. Every pupil has a username and password.

BBC Dance Mat – Practise your touch typing skills.

Newsround – What can you learn about the World and Current Affairs?

BBC Bitesize – Literacy, Maths and Science games.

mathsHomework Ideas

Maths – Make up maths games to practise number bonds, tables, division questions etc. Make matching pairs, follow me cards.

Use dominoes to make up sums. Turn over a domino and add the numbers together, take them away, multiply them.

Play Snakes and Ladders and practise lots of maths operations. Using two dice add them, subtract them, miltiply them. Make your own dice with bigger numbers. Challenge yourself by using more than two dice! (cube net template)


Find WOW words (interesting vocabulary) in a book and write down what you think they mean. Then check using a dictionary.

Create a list of True and False questions for a story/chapter.

Write a book Review. Be honest and add detail, but don’t give the ending away!


If you already know your spelling words challenge yourself by making a list of tricky words. Use a dictionary to check the spelling, Make lists of the months of the year, days of the weeks, countries. Practise common words that are difficult to spell.

Make a dice (cube net template) and write on words you find the most difficult to spell. Roll the dice and spell aloud the word you get. Get someone to check for you. Or write it down and then check yourself.


Research a country. Find its capital city, population, famous people, famous buildings etc. Make a poster to show your learning.

Find out about the body. How do you keep yourself healthy? What do you need to eat and why? How much exercise do you need every day? How much sleep? How do people catch colds and viruses?

Make up a new game to play in P.E. Which skills are you practising? What are the rules? Draw diagrams to help explain your game.


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